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Curriculum: Little Tigers Learning Center believes children learn best through play and social interactions.  We use a curriculum that inspires children to explore, discover, and experience learning that nurtures cognitive, social, emotional, intellectual, and creative development.  Teachers follow a goal-oriented, theme-based curriculum with planned activities, daily schedules, and consistent routines which meet the needs of the individual child.  Social learning opportunities enhance each theme while a foundation for academics is built through play.



  • Observers (Infants 6 weeks – 9 months)
  • Explorers (Infants 6 months to 18 months)
  • Discoverers 1/2s
  • Adventurers - 2/3s
  • Voyagers - 3s
  • Collaborators - 3/4s
  • Navigators - 4/5s
  • Inquirers - School Age
  • Clubhouse - School Age


Observers (Infants 6 weeks – 9 months) – Observers spend the day with experienced and caring teachers who are ready to cuddle, smile, and tend to an infant’s every need.  Infants are just figuring out what their bodies can do, and our teachers encourage them to wiggle their little toes, fingers, arms and legs while supporting language acquisition through storytelling and song.  Parents and teachers work together to ensure home and center schedules are coordinated along with documentation of infant daily activities in the easily accessible online app.  


Explorers (Infants 6 months to 18 months) – Explorers spend the day experiencing the world around them by crawling, toddling, touching, and clapping alongside skilled teachers with enhanced knowledge of infant growth and development.  They are encouraged to move freely around the room, sing songs, read books, and even try to feed themselves.  Teachers take great care in communicating with parents about daily activities and documenting important events in the online app for parents to access throughout the day.     


Discoverers (1-2s) – Discoverers are moving and shaking with energetic and loving teachers who are ready to help them try new things.  Dancing, hopping, clapping, building, coloring, squishing…there is nothing that will stop them!  Teachers plan activities that encourage cooperative play, language acquisition, and independence.  Daily activities are recorded in the online app and teachers make sure to personally communicate with parents about classroom happenings and interactions.


Adventurers (2-3s) – Adventurers are striving for independence.   They are wanting to do everything from feeding themselves to going to the potty.  Loving and patient teachers encourage their desire for independence by presenting them with daily activities that get their hands messy, feet moving, and minds working.  Teachers have a strong understanding of the two-year-old’s desire for independence and the importance of working with families to ensure consistency is maintained between home and school.   


Voyagers (3s) – Voyagers are growing confident in their abilities and are excited to learn new things.  Teachers plan activities helping them delve a little deeper into the world around them.  They explore nature, expand social interaction and communication skills, and learn to work together to achieve a common goal.  Pretend play and imaginations take hold and every child’s ideas and creativity are encouraged to soar!  Parents and teachers partner to ensure each child is comfortable and confident in their learning environment.  They also make it a point to communicate daily happenings through the online app and in person. 


Collaborators (3-4s) –  Collaborators are ready for anything!  They are fantastic conversationalists who love to tell stories, play games, and work together.  Teachers help them perfect their fine and gross motor skills by planning activities that encourage each child to try something new and challenge their abilities.  Letters, numbers, words, songs, games, stories and countless learning opportunities are introduced each day.  Teachers recognize that each child is unique, and they learn at their own pace.  Learning opportunities are differentiated to meet the needs of the individual child.  Parents and teachers work together to make sure the needs of every child are met, and daily communication is a priority. 


Navigators (4-5s) – Navigators are spending their days playing their way to Kindergarten readiness!  Experienced teachers provide differentiated instruction to meet each child where they are.  Learning opportunities are presented in a structured format allowing children the chance to explore their interests and obtain skills to ensure a successful transition into Kindergarten.  


Inquirers & Clubhouse - Adel (School Age) – Inquirers & Clubhouse - Adel friends are exploring their interests with knowledgeable teachers who guide them to problem-solve and try new things.  They are encouraged to seek answers to their questions and investigate topics.  Social and communication skills are fine tuned as teamwork and good sportsmanship are encouraged throughout daily interactions.